Supporting our Wildlife Carers

Please click on this link and register your attendance to this annual online event.

Since becoming Mummies to both Sammie Jo and Josie our awareness for the work of wildlife carers has increased.  We have seen heartbreak when babies didn't make it, or released babies come home because they are sick or injured, or the joy when an injured baby is returned to the wild.  The work they do often goes unrecognised with only thanks from the wildlife they have rescued.  At HideAway Haven we would like to recognise the work they do and say THANK YOU. We have set a special day as 'Thank a Wild Life Carer Day' on 10 October every year.  Please pop on over to our event page on FACEBOOK  and register your intention to attend this online event.  If you know of any carers or organisations feel free to invite them and enter their details on this page.

Let's make 10 October 2016 a National 'Thank a Wildlife Carer' day and let's show and tell them how much we appreciate what they do and keep doing every day.  They use their own resources and time to take care of our precious wildlife, often travelling miles to rescue an injured or orphaned bird or joey.   Local vets do their part in taking care of our injured wildlife often making house-calls as the animal is either too big or too stressed to be transported. A huge thank you to them as well. 

Sammie Jo after stepping on glass that a careless person left in the bush.  Thank you to Annemarie from Lockyer Avenue Veterinary Hospital for taking care of her.  She has fully recovered