Maggie decides on a Vegetarian Lifestyle

On September 1, I decided I would follow a vegetarian lifestyle.  I often get asked why and the short answer is that after being blessed with Sammie Jo and having the privilege of raising her I felt a deep sense of how very precious each and every life is.  

During this time I was following the story of 'Miracle' a calf that was rescued by Free Hearts Animal Sanctuary,  Miracle was born prematurely and the farmer was going to let her die as he did not want to be responsible for the cost of her care.  The tears, heartbreak and joy of her carers again brought an awareness to me how precious life is.

For many years I would only eat 'Happy Meat' from organic farmers who treated their animals with respect and from farms who were RSPCA approved..  But even these animals are transported to abattoirs and have a couple of very stressful last days. The reasoning  'it's just one bad day in the animals life'  doesn't sit well with me any more. 

I have been having fun experimenting with vegetarian dishes, enjoying the amazing fresh produce of the Great Southern and feeling so much better knowing that I am not responsible for the death of an animal.

What a blessing and privilege to be a Mummy to this precious girl