Italian Wine

Italian wines are made for Italian food. The two go hand in hand, both are typically enhanced by the other.

As we researched typical Italian cuisine, we matched it with some amazing wines.   Table wines are often fruit wines, that can lean a touch on the sweeter side, some are sparkling, most are light-medium bodied.

Lambrusco is a table wine , a dry, red wine with a touch of 'frizzante,' (an Italian term for slightly sparkling). 

Another favourite of ours is the Italian Moscato.  Moscato is known for its surprising fragrance, light-body, semi-sparkling, spritzy character (frizzante),  The wine's colour is like straw yellow with occasional tinges of gold.  It's low in alcohol content which means a bottle goes down nice and quickly

We spent some time in the little wine shop next door to our apt  Ditelo Col Vino Di Di Grandi Giuseppina and the lovely owner gave us a lesson in Italian Wines and how to pair them with Italian food.  She had a huge selection of wines we could taste and we left with our weeks supply.