Food, Feathers and Fur Therapy

We encourage our guests to visit the The Old Marron Farm and Bird and Animal Petting Park together with Nippers Cafe when they head out to Little Beach.  It has been some time since our last visit, so we headed of for what was meant to be a quick visit.  We had the most amazing time and awesome expereinces during our visit.

Lunch was Butterfly Marron – Marron BBQ’d in half shells with mild lime wasabi butter, served with a side salad and homemade bread and Marron and Avocado Pizza – Topped with marron, avocado, feta cheese and fresh herbs.


After our delicious lunch, Sharon gave us a couple of bowls of food and invited us to have a wander through the bird and animal park.  What an amazing experience to have animlas so trusting they eat our your hands ever so gently and love being hugged and stroked.  In one of the aviaries, a couple of the birds just followed us around and at one point I had three of the sitting on me begging for food.  The colours of these birds were stunning and in just a short time we got to know the individual personalities of our new feathered friends.

We both lead very busy and sometimes stressful lives, and being able to enjoy the interaction with these feather and fur aniamls was magical and certainly was 'fuzzy therapy'(my daughter's expression).  We certainly would recommend that you stop here and stay awhile. It is a very humbling to experience the trust and affection of God's creatures.

Click on the photo's to enlarge them so you can enjoy the colours.