Our HideAway

A couple of years ago we had a gorgeous couple stay with us for their honeymoon. The groom is a song writer and singer and he serenaded us with his music while we were servicing their room. He has now written us a song about his time time here with his new bride. 

Our HideAway

Where the morning meets the night
In timid dawn’s stealing light
What you dream shows on your face
Cares of the day leave not a trace

In the silence I can hear
Your soft breath so sweet and clear
I will guide you by the hand
Back from dreamland

Won’t you share with me the secret
Where you wander in your sleep
And is that me there beside you?
Are those lions or just sheep?

Say you’ll always stay
Here in our HideAway
That’s where I want to be
There’s just room for you and me 
We have everything in our HideAway

This was the one and only time we gave away one of teddies.  It was brought back for a return visit a few weeks later.