HideAway Haven in Albany The Best of Western Australia

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Our Holden Colorado brings us, once again, in a magical world, where fairy tales seem to become reality '. We have come to Albany, the extreme part of our long journey south - southeast of Western Australia, and the surprise that awaits us and 'nothing short of heavenly: reach and discover the charm of the most' beautiful Bed and Breakfast that we could never imagine: Hide Away Haven and 'made entirely on stilts along a wooded coast, in the countryside and surrounded by lush vegetation. Hides among eucalyptus, oak, grass trees, and street, building more 'beautiful that we could meet during this journey into Western Australia. To wood, primary material of all the wonderful B & B plus the glass, allowing a breathtaking 360 degrees; inside Hide Away Haven, and 'a paradise on earth, the attention to detail, the beauty of choices desing, the space available to guests, so' as the wide range of high quality services' offered inside is unmatched. On the official read the description luxury accommodation, but we can confirm that it is much more 'than a bed and breakfast luxury. In fact we can use all the appliances of high range, of which the large kitchen and 'provided, in addition to the laundry, with the best products on the market for washing every thing. The wide range of books for reading and 'significant and the sympathy of the two ladies who run the facility and' indescribable: Maggie and Backy live upstairs in the beautiful and huge piles of wood, are very hospitable and welcome us with much pleasure. It 'easy to talk to and immediately immerse in tranquility' of this fabulous environment; appreciate its beauty, peace, serenity 'and especially care for every detail. Details very significant, starting with breakfast, in fact, Maggie and Backy are very careful and precise, so they want to know first what the guest wants for breakfast, then prepare for yourself products like jam, the delicious Aussie Bread, (a bread typically Australian, sliced arge, with various seeds and taste yummy). It 'easy to understand why there are many trophies that testify to the excellence of the place, delivered by higher authorities' Australian Tourism, but also from those world whose premiums were withdrawn in Bellagio on Lake Como, tells us how excited Backy as well as' Certificate of Excellence awarded by Tripadvisor. This 'struck me since the arrival at the entrance and' was the presence of two beautiful statues bear carved out of wood, a post close to the plants and a post near the entrance sign. Once you visit the rooms, in each one there is 'a nice Teddy Bear on the bed, with the positions more' funny, that awaits every guest with sympathy. At night the "my" Teddy Bear reading a book called "Teddy Bear's stories", I could not immerse myself in the same reading and understanding so 'full meaning of a place like Hide Away Haven, a paradise of Western Australia.