New to HideAway Haven ~ Massages by Radiant Being

Why not indulge on your arrival at HideAway Haven

We love working with Hayley and her team - her massages and yoga sessions are already part of our packages.  We are excited to be able to offer her massages to all our guests either on arrival or during your stay.  Subject to availability.

Deep Healing Relaxation by Radiant being

Nurturing and Healing massage therapy to ease aching muscles, let go of stress and tension, boost immunity and improve general wellbeing. A cascade of deep relaxation allows the transformational benefits to saturate your being.

Savassanna Full Body Massage

Feel the prana (life energy) circulate and de-stress you with this deep meditative massage designed to open the nadis (pranic pathways) and harmonise the seven chakras that govern your endocrine and immune system, maintaining a sense of emotional and psycho-physiological balance.

Available in Bush Land only - massage in the privacy of your own room.

 ($345 for 2 x 1.5 hours massages.)

Taoist Head Neck & Shoulder Treatment

 Deeply relaxing treatment focusing on the upper back shoulders and neck. Craniosacral techniques are incorporated into this treatment and the body responds beautifully. As each pressure point is released a equilibrium is reached and all stress and tension in the muscles simply melts away. 

 For details on other massages available you can DOWNLOAD a brochure or find more information on our webpage