Our Healing Waters Jacuzzi


Soaking in our Jacuzzi not only feels amazing it is also good for you. The water in our Jacuzzi is saturated with Ozone and research has shown that it improves our blood circulation, relaxes muscles, balances the immune system, relieves arthritic pain and ensures faster recovery from injuries.

As the skin absorbs the oxygen and travels throughout the body together with the warm massage time spent in the Jacuzzi can dilate blood vessels and improve circulation. This improvement in the blood circulation can relax muscle fatigue. This reduction in fatigue can improve sleeping and also reduces stress, mental as well as physical.

HideAway Haven uses King Neptune Ozone products in the Jacuzzi. This purifies spa water using oxygen in the same way nature does. It is non-toxic and safe for the environment. Ozone Accelerator™ was designed to ‘supercharge’ the cleaning ozone molecules. Ozonated Jacuzzis look, feel and smell cleaner and kills bacteria, viruses and fungi 5000 times faster than chlorine.

Water can be backwashed onto garden as plants love the Oxygen rich water. Lawns and gardens will flourish with Ozone water.