Japanese Teppanyaki

We have been thinking about Japanese Teppanyaki as an alternative to our AsianSteam Boat, so decided to go to the Osaka Japanese Steakhouse and experience it first hand.  

Teppanyaki (鉄板焼き teppan-yaki?) is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. The word teppanyaki is derived from teppan (鉄板), which means iron plate, and yaki (焼き), which means grilled, broiled or pan-fried.

Teppanyaki was made famous by the Benihana restaurant chain.  We dined there in Dubai a few years ago.

Our chef performed a show for us, juggling utensils, flipped flattened shrimp pieces our mouths, and arranged onion rings into fire-shooting volcanoes.  Our chef also squirted sake into our mouths, while the other diners counted.

Because Becki’s birthday was only a few days away, she got to wear a mask and we were all served a complementary dessert.

It was a lot of fun, the food was healthy and tasted delicious.  We have decided not to introduce it to our evening meals as it can be quite messy and we aren’t sure about the fire effect.