Albany - 5* Capital of Australia

Albany – Australia’s 5 Star Capital! 

There is always a lot of discussion about the fact that Albany, Western Australia has no large hotel but who knew Albany was actually the five star capital of Australia?

AAA Tourism – Australia’s Star Rating body - has recently concluded assessments in the Albany region and once again three very different, and equally special, accommodation properties have been assessed as Five-Star Rated in AAA’s Hosted Accommodation Category. The Beach House at Bayside, The Rocks Albany, and HideAway Haven have all been awarded this prestigious recognition again and their achievements put Albany at the top of towns Australia wide for quality Hosted Accommodation. 

The AAA rating is an internationally recognised reward where guests can book with utter confidence that although a chosen accommodation property may offer a different experience and “personality”  -  the standards guests can expect in Services & Facilities, Quality and Condition and Cleanliness are consistently of the highest quality.

Just 35 Hosted Accommodation properties Australia wide have been assessed to meet the rigorous standards set by AAA to Five-star level and Albany boasts three – the highest concentration of any town Australia wide. 

Noelene Evans Proprietor of The Rocks Albany says “The Rocks is a 129 year old, granite and timber, two storey mansion and after extensive renovating, restoration and landscaping in 2005, is now Western Australia’s only five star heritage accommodation.  Situated in the heart of the city, our property offers a space which welcomes guests like old friends while allowing them to be independent and anonymous.” 

Maggie van Santen and Becki Shaver offer a Treetop retreat – “Our guests come to escape the hustle and bustle of life” adds Maggie, “HideAway Haven is a luxury adult retreat offering three guest rooms set on a hillside overlooking trees, bushland and the Kalgan River. Hidden away in a corner of paradise, guests can relax privately on their own decks surrounded by a sanctuary of various wildlife which is just so peaceful”. 

Sally Pullin and her husband Craig run The Beach House at Bayside which was started by her parents Janet and Keith Hillam eleven years ago. Sally explains, “The Beach House at Bayside is designed to emulate a small hotel of European tradition.  We are a seven room, luxurious, warm, family run property for travellers from around the world. As one of our first guests said over 10 years ago The Beach House is a “little taste of European luxury by an Australian beach” … and we’re just a chip shot from Albany’s historic golf links.

“So you can see that while we are all striving for our independent 5-Star recognition, each property offers a different experience for their guests, and we complement one another. We all believe that is the strength of our successful triangle – in the end it all comes down to providing a very special “hosted” welcome to this very special corner of the world.”

Article and banner published in the Caribbean News Now - Travel