Whales, Whales and more Whales

HideAway Haven have partnered with Sail-A-Way and now sell tickets for their cruises.  Ask about tickets when you book or check in.  Here is a copy of their newsletter and an exciting review on their experience on June 17.

How can we put today's experience?
Wild wind, wild waves, wild whales... or wild weather and wonderful wildlife display?
We left the marina hoping to find something special for our wonderful guests. Out near Whale World we spotted the other charter boat and we soon catch up with two Humpbacks, which are playfully swimming around and under the boats in the company of some dolphins and a hammerhead shark. 
Once our passengers feel they had enough of these two whales and their companions, we venture out into deeper waters to catch up with a juvenile that continually leaps out of the water. On the way there we pass 6 other Humpbacks, but following the wishes of our passengers, we press on to get a closer look at the show-off. He must have got exhausted, as his leaps turn into pectoral fin slapping when we get closer. We watch for a while before turning in to Seal cove for some hot tucker and a look at the seals. Returning home it gets a bit wet for the skipper, but the passengers are all happily tucked away in the cabin with some hot drinks and yummy home made scones with jam and cream. Once the squall has passed the sun comes back out and we spot another pod of whales (5?) which are having some fun playing chasy with some more dolphins. As they are heading in the general direction of home for us, we stay in their company for a while before finally saying goodbye and heading home. 
It is always a privilege to see the joy and radiance of happy passengers at the end of a cruise! Thanks to all of you who make our work such fun!




Whale Watch Newsletter No 3:  22 June 2013


Hi Everyone


We have been so busy for the past couple of weeks with whales….whales….whales….galore, not to mention seals and dolphins.  The weather has been wonderful, and the sightings incredible.  Here, in abbreviated form are the sightings since 1 June.


2 June:  2 juvenile Humpbacks, plus a mother and calf

3 June:  1 Humpback adult – 3 more out in the deep – breaching and blowing     

4 June: 7 Humpbacks close by – 2 mothers and calves close enough to touch.  Many breaches

5 June:  1 mother and calf and 3 other Humpbacks breaching further out.  One breached in front of a rainbow!  What a spectacle!

6 June:  3 Humpbacks – one mum and calf with many dolphins for company.

7 June:  4 or 5 Humpbacks.  1 breaching….all close to us.

8 June:  6 Humpbacks, an eagle, dolphins and seals.  Fun and fabulous sights for all.

9 June:  5 Humpbacks close to us…four more further out.

10 June: Wonder of wonders…a Blue Whale!  Then further out….six Humpbacks

11 June: 8 – 10 Humpbacks chasing each other.  Incredible strength and energy.

12 June: 5 Humpbacks breaching across our bows.

13 June: 5 Humpbacks playing ‘chasey’…intent on their game, they often cut us off or charged along beside us!

14 June: 8 Humpbacks, keeping beside us swimming in synchronized grace.  Then 20 metres away a 20-ton airborne animal…SPLASH!  What a privilege to see these magnificent creatures day after day, and to share them with such eager, excited visitors.

15 June: Today whales to the left and right, in front and behind.  Humpbacks…all excited..charging each other with bumps and dives and roaring whistles and whooshes!  Several pods of whales, large schools of dolphins merging with the whales….then Southern gannets, diving for their dinner.  We saw over 20 Humpbacks today.

16 June: Once more, several pods of whales on the move out near Breaksea and Michelmas Islands.  We saw 8 Humpbacks, but today they were very low energy…probably recovering from the frenzy of yesterday.  Dolphins and Southern Gannets once more joined the panorama of wildlife 20 metres from our boat.

17 June: Humpbacks, dolphins, seals…A great day with a fun group of folks on board. 

As one of our guests posted on our Facebook page:  @What a superb experience in a lifetime!! Wild weather, choppy seas, beautiful islands, spellbound view and to top it all, around 8 – 10 WHALES playing around, splashing water with their tails, spraying water from their nostrils, communicating with their mates in the sea!!...  No add to the equation some 25 – 30 DOLPHINS jumping around and playing with the Humpback whales…Oh my God…Am I dreaming??!!...   And just when I was digesting the fact that I have seen whales and dolphins in abundance… I see SEALS sunbathing on the island in the middle of the sea and a very young HAMMER HEADED SHARK swimming around exploring the high seas!!!..  Now this is wilderness at its best..!


Cheers, John


And another newsletter on 9 July, 2013

Hi Everyone,
just a brief update on what is happening on the whale watching front during these holidays.

The Humpbacks are powering past in vast numbers and we have had great sightings – sometimes 20 or 30 in scattered pods and at times, too many to keep track of and count. Much breaching, tail slapping and general boisterous behaviour is exhibited in the swirling waters off Breaksea and Michelmas Islands and Bald Head.

There has been a trickle of Southern Rights; three sighted so far. This species generally arrive later in the season, but the positive aspect to their visits is that they tend to come much closer in to shore and also stay around longer, giving birth and tending their young calves.

A holiday bonus is that passengers pay once and cruise twice. Whether whales are sighted or not, all passengers are given a free return ticket which needs to be used within two weeks.


Remeber to purchase your tickets from us during your stay for a 10% discount.