Breaking News!! The Kitchen at HideAway Haven Is Now Closed

No more breakfasts to cook, afternoon tea to bake, dinners to prepare..Oh NO!!  I am really going to miss my time in the kitchen and spoiling our guests.

But don't worry we will be back and hopefully have discovered many new and innovative breakfast ideas.  The HideAway Hostesses are of to USA where everything including the breakfasts are big.  We will be spending time with family, but will also do some market research on hosted accommodations and more importantly breakfast.

With many guests opting for fresh and healthy breakfasts instead of the usual bacon & eggs, the varying dietary requirements such as gluten or lactose free, vegetarian we need to stay abreast of the many changing needs and how best to accommdate those.  At HideAway Haven we believe that no matter what your dietary choices, requirements, needs are we will serve you a yummy breakfast.  As such we need to keep learning.