Business Health Check by Telstra Business Awards

We recently completed our application for the Telstra Business Awards.  We have entered 2 categories, Micro Business Award and Regional Business Award.  Today we received the results of our entry.

Your Rating: Excellent

Your business is performing extremely well across the board. While a little fine tuning here and there could make things even better, you can certainly be proud of your achievements and promote your excellence to your employees and business networks. 

The Business Health Check has been developed by Telstra Business in consultation with the NSW Business Chamber, and is based on international benchmarking standards, current legislation, and accepted industry best practice.


The Business Health Check assessed our business through:

1. Our answers to questions in the Telstra Business Awards submission process, which were scored individually.

2. Scores from our answers were then combined into sections, and then a score was given for each section.

3. The scores from each section were combined to produce our overall score, as reported in the Executive Summary.

The Report was provided in two sections:

• Executive Summary - overall and section results.

• Section Details - section and relevant question results.


The results were scored according to these broad category ratings.

• Sales and Marketing

• Customer

• Your Team

• Planning and Performance

• Financials 

Now we wait to see if we reach the finals.  For now we are really excited about these results and the feedback and suggestions we have been given in our 70 page document. 

Thank you Telstra Business Awards...very very helpful :-)