Our Unique Selling Point (USP) ~Just One Of Them!!

What is our unique point of difference? Creating a unique point of difference for HideAway Haven was one of the most important exercises we did for our business. Setting us apart from our competitors, and offering our guests a real tangible value and benefit.


Two of our French Toast Breafast's.  Berry Brioche and Brioche French Toast served with Pears Poached in Raspberry Syrup

We believe one of our USP is our breakfast menu and how your breakfast is served.  Some guests like to enjoy their breakfast barefooted and in their PJ's.  Others love the chatter and busyness of a dining room. We offer both.  At HideAway Haven you don't need to stand at the buffet, trying to identify the least unappealing items and more importantly, the most nutritious food.  No need to drink stale coffee or cold croissants.

Our breakfast menu caters for the varied requests of our guests, including vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free and RAW options.  

Your gourmet breakfast is delivered on a tray and you can choose to eat in your room, on your private deck with the birds playing in the garden beneath, on the common deck or in the dining room depending on your mood.

We highlight best practice from around our local region. Animal welfare, agricultural sustainability and responsible business practice are of paramount importance to us. The Naked Bean, one of Albany’s premier Fair Trade supporters, supply coffee for our guests at HideAway Haven. We use local free-range eggs exclusively. In addition, we have purchased shares in a Jersey Stud and now have RAW milk delivered every week for our exclusive use. This guarantees that our guests are enjoying high quality, naturally grown food, completely free of artificial hormones and antibiotics.

Ciabatta Toast, Spinach, Smoked Ham, Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce