Celebration Lunch at The Mean Fiddler

We don't recommend restaurants to our guests unless we have tried it ourselves.  This visit was long overdue as we have had many guests who have dined here and enjoyed the experience.

We had just heard that we were finalists in the 2013 WA Tourism Awards so it was time to celebrate.

We had heard a lot about the Margaret River Brie in a coconut and sesame seed crumb, deep fried and served with a salad garnish and plum dipping sauce, so we started with that for the entree.  It did not disappoint.

We love our seafood so we tried Full Tempura Plate Grande - Tempura soft shell crab, Australian King prawns, fillet of Albany Fish and broccoli florets served with Japanese accompaniments and Seafood Salad - Australian banana prawns, Albany fish and plump scallops, lightly grilled, atop crispy noodles, roasted cashew nut salad with a sticky soy dressing. Everything was cooked perfectly and presented beautifully.

We couldn't leave without trying the Memphis Peanut Butter Cheesecake.  OMG it was delicious.  It was like a de-constructed cheesecake you see the chefs making during a Master Chef challenge.

We have heard a lot about the slow service, so we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly our meals came especially as the restaurant was pretty full.

Great job chef Peter, we will happily add The Mean Fiddler to our list of restaurants we recommend to our guests at HideAway Haven.