The Beautiful Taste of Fish Cooked by our Private Chef - Dan Sharp

We were lucky enough to enjoy another private chef catering experience with Dan Sharp this week. 

Dan explained that when it comes to “beautiful tastes,” there is nothing more beautiful than the taste of fish when the season, harvest, handling and preparation all come together…that is when we are fortunate to taste a fish as good as it can be.

Dan’s father is a local fisherman and he is skilled in knowing how a fish should be caught and handled during its first three hours out of the water as that determines its eating qualities. Dan explained that fish should go into ice before it goes into rigor mortis (gets stiff) and this is the key to supple, resilient high quality fish.

We enjoyed Pink Snapper with Marron and garlic potatoes.  On the side Asparagus with Ringwould Goats Cheese and a green salad.