'The Ultimate Remedy is a Safe Haven' Pay it Forward

The Ultimate Remedy is a Safe "Haven"!

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Luxury Accommodation found in Albany, Western Australia.  HideAway Haven is a 5 Star Luxury Accommodation at the turn of every corner.  With every detail and in every moment upon arrival, guests are cascading into a world beyond their own; relaxing, indulging, forgetting, rejuvenating and immersing 

Complete Immersion.  We insulate our guests from the moment they step onto our property.  While the time they spend is theirs, the details are ours: 

-  Gourmet breakfast each morning

-  Rustic lodge providing optimum peaceful seclusion. 

-  The lush countryside providing a backdrop of natural beauty. 

-  Tranquil ambiance, allowing your mind to escape and be free. 

-  Amazing sounds of nature, the purity to connect, with birds, kangaroos and wildlife.  The sounds that our cities cannot provide! 

Every detail, given the highest consideration of Quality, Care and all Catered to You! 

HideAway Haven is renowned for its accommodation for corporate guests, romantic weekend escapes, honeymoons, second honeymoons, family reunions, wedding nights, girls’ weekends and a first class attraction to International travellers.  HideAway Haven creates and cultivates special memories and celebrations.  However, our accommodation needs to stretch far beyond the audience listed above.  It needs to extend to very special and unique guests as well.

 Today, people deal with issues and circumstances that are not celebratory.  The dynamics of people’s lives are often difficult as loss, illness and hardship are present.  People struggle dealing with issues which may have no end in sight, or they experience what may feel like inescapable grief.  Where do they go?  Where is their escape?  How do they reinvigorate?  HideAway Haven will provide. 

"Pay It Forward" is a concept, a core value, a belief of every person associated with us.  We firmly believe in undertaking and giving to people who simply do not take the time out for themselves because personal circumstances may prevent it. We desire to provide them with a safe haven.  A moment in time for men, women, mothers, fathers, families experiencing life’s most difficult times, to rest.  We want to "pay it forward" to them. 

HideAway Haven in its pursuit is seeking business partners in the area which hold our core values, have a desire to give back and make an impact.  To lift up, to reinvigorate and to provide a considerable needed relief.  HideAway Haven will be gifting a 2 night stay to people we have described, but we also wish to take this experience and indulgence a bit further.  With our business partners, we seek to produce a package and experience which will create lifetime memories.  We are pursuing our business partners to assist us with building this package by donating: 

-  Healing  Sessions. 

-  Make up, Nails, Hair and Photo Shoot 

-  Boat Cruise, River Cruise

 -  Nature Hike & Experience, 4WD day trip 

-  Special Party for a personal Celebration 

-  Massage Therapy

-  Dinner at a restaurant 

With all the different therapy and enjoyment packages we can arrange together, we can create a memory like no other and with your support we can make it a reality. 

Today, these times, and with this opportunity, we can make a difference in the lives of many.  We have the accommodations, the passion, the pursuit, and we hope you will join us in making a difference, creating special memories so we can “Pay It Forward” together!

 Please contact Becki or Maggie on 98449417 or email if you are willing to donate towards a special weekend for a deserving couple.  We would also welcome ideas how to decide who the couple/s will be.