I knew something special was going to happen. I had NO idea what! Absolutely no idea.

From our first recipients of 

'The Ultimate Remedy is a Safe Haven' Pay it Forward in 2013

I knew something special was going to happen. I had NO idea what!  Absolutely no idea.

We didn't turn off to Denmark, we didn't drive into Albany, we were headed up Mercer Road and I said  to Terry 'we're going to Maggie & Becki's.  He just smiled.  We parked by the newly cut Heidi Bear and knocked on the door.  Becki opened it and asks if we have heard of 'Pay it Forward' I say yes but I think that's what I like to do for other people - people aren't supposed to do it to us.  We are just normal people - there are so many people struggling with so many issues that are way worse than us!

Becki explains what is going to happen - I cry (of course - I always cry)  All these people are doing these things for us and they don't even know who we are (that is humbling)

Becki shows us to the lovely new 'Bush Land'room.  Its spacious, the bed is huge, everything is perfect, peaceful and extremely relaxing - we have time to reflect on the couple of days ahead.

Maggie arrives with the start of the food 'orange & almond cake' for afternoon tea - she looks very pleased with her achievement of getting us here - she knows I would never have come if I had got an inkling of what was happening.

Hayley Lawrence from Radiant Being arrives 5ft tall and lugs a massage table into our room - for the next 2 hours we are treated to her skills of massage each.  Hayley is a lovely soul, we felt privileged with her knowledge and dedication to her art.

- Dinner Time 'The Curry Leaf' an Indian banquet courtesy of Venkatesh.  The food is delicious.  We were made to feel welcome and special.

Waking up the next morning we are greeted by Maggie's breakfast - simply amazing.  I have seen pictures - but eating it was an experience.  Plated beautifully and there was enough to feed me for the day.  It was all so fresh and healthy.  I know there is a lot of thought and love put into this part of their business, so many choices and to cater for all tastes and intolerances.

I then headed to 'The Girl Next Door' in Spencer Park where I was greeted by Lauren with a pretty orchid and shellac nails and nail art!  WooHoo - a 1st ever for me and they are so pretty with glitter and flowers and diamonds.  I love them so much and such a special treat from Lauren.

Picking up Terry from the Haven we headed to '14 Peels Place'run by Karin Marsland.  What a quirky place this is with crochet post covers, a row of knitted tea pot cosy's to the multi coloured chandeliers.  We were treated to a delicious fresh lunch of seafood and salad.  I think by this point Terry said he could get used to this.  We did buy something at this point - gorgeous doll kits to make for orphans in Africa affected by AIDS - what a wonderful idea (Pay it Forward)

Our evening saw us at the Albany Waterfront where we boarded the Catamaran of John & Forrest - Sail A Way Cruises.  We were able to experience sailing past the point in full sail to start our Twilight Cruise.  Once out of the port, John cranked up the outboard engines and we enjoyed the next two hours sailing the 'sound'as a luminous full moon rose in the east and the lights of Albany slowly lit as twilight approached.  A perfect night to be on the water.
Returning back to the haven, Maggie staggers in with our dinner.  After picking up our jaws back of the floor, all you could say was incredible.  This meal came from Mark and Ant at Oyster Harbour Store.  A marron platter surrounded with breads and condiments.  I really didn't think we could do it justice after the food we had consumed but after popping the cork on some bubbly from Barry & Shelley at Jingalla wines we managed to suck those claws clean - the sweetest part :-)

So how do you say THANK YOU to all these people for doing and giving all this?  I don't think you ever can but it is then how you treat other people to repay the kindness others have shown to you.  Thank you to you all.  ♥ ♥ ♥ especially to Maggie & Becki who instigated this whole concept.

We haven't had the greatest of years in 2012 but were grateful Terry finally received a diagnosis after years of frustration.  We have the challenge of getting Terry's health back in 2013, challenging as Australia does not recognise Lyme Disease - but still grateful we have found one doctor who is willing to help those affected.

Thank you again - it has been very humbling but we have enjoyed our special time and will treasure the caring we have experienced.

Thank you to all the businesses who donated towards our first package.



Nails by Girl Next Door  Marron dinner by Oyster Harbour Store