'Fat is Flavour'


Fat is flavour is one of Maggie Beer's favourite saying's and is also the way she cooks.  Having long been a fan of Maggie Beer and her cooking, we made sure we stayed close to her farmhouse when we visited the Barossa, so we could attend her daily cooking demonstrations.  We attended two of Maggie beer's cooking with Verjuice demonstrations.  We will now always have a bottle of this magic ingredient in the fridge.

Maggie Beer was the first person in the world to produce Verjuice commercially. Made from the juice of unfermented grapes, you can use it as a gentle acidulant wherever you might find lemon juice or vinegar too tart - which means whenever you want the gentlest bite of flavour. Use in salad dressings, deglazing the pan when cooking fish and chicken or poaching dried fruit to serve with a glossy dollop of mascarpone.

On one of our visit's Maggie was lucky enough to help in the kitchen.  Talk about being excited and thrilled. This is the same kitchen where the show 'The Cook and The Chef' was filmed.  Originally this show was to run for 12 months but ended up running for 4 years. She made Mushrooms cooked in a burnt butter sauce and deglazed with verjuice.  So good.