How did you come up with our business name?


This was the question asked by CEO Blog Nation recently.  It’s the first thing that entrepreneurs mention. It brands the business and tells the story of the business before the business owner utters another word. It is the business name. It’s selection determines the trajectory of the of the business and how people will perceive the business and its goods and services. With all this in mind, the business owner has a lot of pressure to select the “perfect” business name. 

So how did we come up with the name of HideAway Haven.  We spent a lot of time playing around with different names.  As we get awesome sunrises from our deck we thought about 'Sunrise'  but thats the name of a TV show and didn't really tell the story of what we are about.

We Wanted to Provide A HideAway Haven


As we are hidden away at the end of a cul de sac and we wanted to provide a  haven for our guests. We chose the name ‘HideAway Haven’. 


Why did you start your business? We started our luxury accommodation business after a trip around the world staying in B&B’s and thought how special to be able to share our awesome location in Albany on the south coast of Western Australia with the world.  HideAway Haven!