Thermomix ~ Asian chicken & greens with a warm soy sauce

We recently invested in a Thermomix, the worlds smallest and smartest kitchen.  Tonight we made a Chicken, Cocunut Sweet Potato Mash & Steamed Asian Greens with a warm soy & ginger sauce.

This tatsed amazing...the flovours melded so well together...and just 31 minutes prep and cooking time.  Perfect after a days work.


Chicken & Coconut sweet potato mash & steamed asian greens
500 grams sweet potato cut into large chunks
50 grams coconut cream
500 grams chicken breast cut into large strips
1 bunch asian greens / bok choy leaves separated/4 stalks broccolini, snow peas
800 grams water
garlic, ginger soy dressing
1 clove garlic
2 centimetres ginger fresh peeled
100 grams lo salt soy sauce
1 --- handful fresh coriander
1 red chilli optional


Chicken & Sweet Potato

Place basket inside ™ bowl & fill with sweet potato, fill ™ bowl with water, place chicken pieces & any remaining sweet potato into Varoma tray. Put lid on & place VAroma on top of ™ bowl. Cook on Varoma Speed 4 for 25 mins. Place chicken into a dish & cover with foil. Empty hot water from ™ bowl carefully. Place sweet potato & coconut milk into ™ bowl & blend for 1 min speed 6 100 degrees. Place sweet potatoe mash into thermoserver.

Clean ™ bowl. Place garlic , ginger, coriander (use roots for extra flavour) & chilli into ™ bowl , chop speed 10 for 5 secs. Add soy sauce on top. Place basket in ™ bowl on top of sauce, fill with asian greens. Cook all together for 5 mins Varoma temp speed

Prepare 2 plates with bed of sweet potato/coconut mash, place asian greens on top , then a serving of chicken pieces & drizzle hot soy sauce dressing on top.

Oh yummy..definately one to do again..from the thermomix recipe community