Who's Talking?

Found a testimonial I wrote after attending a workshop organised by Business Divas and hosted by Fay Mclean.  A big part of our marketing success is what I learnt at that workshop.

“I was blessed to be part of Fay's Magical Marketing Seminar.  I loved the Professional Learning opportunity I was part of. I came away with useful, informative, enlightening, practical and constructive information. It gave me immediate tools that I could use to optimise our web page and online presence.

As a new business I needed to lift our profile to get more clients. I had spent many months trying to get our business known in the industry. I had done what I thought was needed to use a website to market our business, but quickly realized I knew very little.

Fay taught me about ways to attract more clients including blogging, twittering, writing newsletters, auto responders, add on value and much more. Since implementing just a little of what Fay has taught me, our bookings have been up by 100 - 200% every single month.  Now it's not a question of HideAway Haven who? Now it's "Oh I've heard of you, please tell me more!"  Thank You Fay.  You have been an inspiration, a motivator and an encouragement. HideAway Haven is on the map!!

Cheers and a great big thank you!!”  Maggie

Maggie Van Santen


Love finding our name in print on the World Wide Web