The ‘HideAway Infusion’ – Food, Passion and Creativity


'The HideAway Infusion’ – Food, Passion and Creativity


Albany, Western Australia – March 5, 2012 – Travelling usually involves exploring the best a region has to offer, from sightseeing to local wildlife. So why not plan an unforgettable vacation that revolves around the best of an area’s food experiences?

Albany, on the south coast of Western Australia, is one of Australia’s most undiscovered, but exciting wine and gourmet food regions. The mild weather and abundant sunshine provide the perfect setting for a relaxing short- or long-term getaway.

Whether you are a gourmet cook, foodie or just someone who enjoys eating, you will enjoy the brand new ‘HideAway Infusion’ holiday package, brought to guests by HideAway Haven and Sharp Infusion.

This unforgettable experience allows local celebrity chef Daniel Sharp to share his passion for local, fresh and organic produce, and hostesses Maggie and Becki to show why HideAway Haven was the big winner at the ACCI Business Awards 2011.

The ‘HideAway Infusion’ package has been carefully created to showcase the highlights and hidden treasurers on offer in Albany.

The culinary journey begins with a guided tour at the local markets. Daniel will show guests around the markets where they can taste local produce; sample amazing regional wines and purchase fresh organic ingredients for dinner.

Guests will then explore the region with Daniel and visit local wine-makers and food producers. The local farmers and wine-makers will be happy to talk to guests about the joys and challenges of growing their produce in the region.

Back at HideAway Haven, Daniel will work together with guests to use the ingredients purchased during the day in order to create a dinner to die for.

There is a lot to be excited about in this once in a lifetime package designed for the health-conscious and experience-seeking traveller.