A walk along the Swan River


The Swan River is truly the heart of Perth, and with 28 kms of river foreshore with walk and cycle trails, it really makes for a great experience. 

I took a walk along the heritage trail which features bronze sculptures of historic figures. 

The Storyteller - the Essence of Early Life in WA

The inspiration for this sculpture is Dame Mary Durack, renowned Australian author, engaged in a dialogue with her 'young self' as a child. As an adult she represents an ancestor passing on the family history. The two 'Mary's' share a sense of purpose; their attention is rivetted to each other, and on the manuscript - 'Swan River Saga'. In this and her other works, Dame Mary captured the essence of life in Perth's pioneer days. 

Hopscotch: Children at Play Yesterday and Today

The sculpture expresses the happy theme of a family group enjoying a traditional pastime, which still today can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Participation is encouraged, with the hopscotch rules explained on the nearby sign. Even in an age of electronic amusements, Hopscotch shows that children can recapture the mood and magic of a by-gone era with joyful activity linking past and present. 

Willem De Vlamingh, the Explorer who Named Perth's Swan River

The voyage of Captain Willem de Vlamingh to the unknown South Land in 1696 signifies one of the earliest European attempts to make cultural and commercial contact with the Australian continent. The de Vlamingh sculpture was unveiled by HRH the Prince of Orange on 12 January 1997 as a tribute to early Dutch seafarers and in celebration of the 300th anniversary of de Vlamingh's naming of the Swan River. 

Olympian and Paralympian Walkway and Sculpture

Discover WA's Olympic and Paralympian heroes honoured at the unique outdoor walkway. Revisit their names and achievements and the sculpture symbolizing the Olympic spirit.  The Olympians in the sculpture are Shirley de la Hunty (nee Strickland) and Herb Elliott 

Taken from the Burswood Park webpage. 

It was a beautiful Sunday morning as I wandered along the foreshore and took in the natural beauty of our beautiful Swan River.  To all our prospective guests who have some time in Perth I recommend you take a stroll through the heritage trail along the Swan River, enjoy the Black Swans, the views over the golf course and pop into the casino for a nice meal.