The Ultimate in Luxurious Accommodation

If you have an interest in getting away from it all and enjoying nature, Albany,  Western Australia has the perfect HideAway for you. We are pleased to announce the inclusion of our new executive suite which can provide you with a luxurious experience that you will be able to find in any world-class five-star hotel.

Whether your goal is romance, a secluded vacation, a rustic connection with nature, or a quiet lodge to simply enjoy a few days in rest and relaxation, we can provide the perfect vacation for you at Hideaway.

Currently our accommodation has been rated by AAA as a five-star vacation destination. We offer  a Jacuzzi, luxurious beds, as well as a very important connection to nature. The grounds at our B&B feature a beautiful and well kept garden area where you can see Australia’s native wildlife. The surrounding Rainbow Coast offers lush meadows, views of the ocean and many opportunities to explore the beauty of the area through walking trails or photography. We give you the ability to cater for yourself during the course of your stay with laundry facilities, a kitchen and barbecue to allow you to cook, as well as a common room and your own private deck.

Each night before you go to bed you can enjoy the Jacuzzi and gaze at the amazing view of stars.  In the morning you can awake to find kangaroos, cows and horses in the distance and the sounds of Australia’s native bird species.

We are very excited about the inclusion of our executive suite to the hotel. This suite is the ultimate in luxury accommodation offering a perfect peaceful place to relax and experience the HideAway fully. This premium room offers a king bed that feels like you are sleeping on a cloud as well as your own private deck set in the bush land. The room comes with air-conditioning, its own dining and lounge area as well as foxtel and Wifi. This suite is absolutely perfect for couples on honeymoons or if you would like to have one of the most luxurious rooms that we have available for our guests.

All rooms come complete with a common room kitchen, a private deck and a common deck Jacuzzi. There are three bedrooms available each with their own unique charm. Check online for our rooms and this will help you select the best one for your vacation and needs. Each room is designed to have its own version of quaint luxuriance. If you have any questions about HideAway Haven or our new executive suite please do not hesitate to contact us.