Join us for a well deserved break


Try as we may, life can become imbalanced and overwhelming. When we work more than we rest or when demands consume our energy, it is essential to slow the pace, get away, and spend time being present. Hideaway Haven is the perfect getaway for couples to reconnect and reenergize, girlfriends to catch up, and families to congregate.

As excitement builds for Christmas, Boxing Day, semester endings, etc., the busyness of everyday life can be exciting, yet exhausting. It has been said that there is beauty in simplicity and I would add that there is peace in rejuvenation.

This summer, take time to enjoy life and the ones you love in a beautiful place. Albany, West Australia provides some of nature’s most amazing views and Hideaway Haven offers the on site luxury you deserve. Is there anything better than waking in a beautiful place surrounded by those you love with a gourmet breakfast prepared for you? I’ll venture to say no.

We are entitled to enjoy our lives and we are tasked to take good care of ourselves. Harmonise your life and join us for a well-deserved break.