Markets and more Markets

We had heard that the markets in Adelaide and the Barossa Valley should not be missed.  We are so glad we didn't!!

The Adelaide Central Market is a community of people: traders, artisans and shoppers, who share a passion for food.  It buzzes with life and colour all year round. 

The range of fresh food is extensive, and it's all under one roof...fruit & vegetables, meat & poultry, seafood, gourmet cheeses, cakes and more. We would love to be able to return each week to do our weekly shopping.  The parking is easy and as the market is undercover the weather doesn't matter.  We loved the delcious smells of the fresh bread and the many other aromas that drifted throughout the stalls. So many different cultures were represented here.  Becki was thrilled to be able to buy some real bagels!! WoopWoop.  We also purchased some Dutch Salted Liquorice.  As we were headed to the Adelaide Hills for a couple of days we stocked up on bread, cheesse, olives, pate and lots of other special treats.

Would love a market like this in Albany!!


Barossa Valley Farmers Market

The Barossa Farmers Market is permanently located in Vintners Sheds: this means you can buy your weekly supplies of fruit, vegies and much more in comfort come rain, hail or shine.  It took us a little while to find...probably becuase we were on the wrong road.

While we were at the markets we talked with the producers to find out more about how and what they grow.  We spoke to one lady who made her own muesli, not just one variety but about 10 different kinds.  There were some amazing varieties which gave us some new ideas on what to do with our home made toasted muesli.  We also spoke to a dairy farmer about the benefits of using RAW milk.