Oh What A Night ~ Winners Anyway

Date: November 9, 2012

Venue: Ballroom Crown Perth

Event: 2012 GWN7 Regional Small Business Awards

What an amazing night for all the finalists in the Regional Small Business Awards.

What a privilege for us to be among so many small business owners, who all know first hand how difficult it is in these tough economic times to own and operate a small business.  We all took time out of our businesses to be in Perth for these awards and it was inspirational to hear the various stories of success from the winners of each of the categories.  Congratulations to everyone!!

We received some great feedback from the judging panel and if we get the opportunity we would love to try again.

Some of the comments from the judging panel.

The home based business category was extremely competitive and had a very high calibre of applications this year – yours being one of them! Our judges spent a lot of time working through the criteria and found this to be quite a challenge.

The judges acknowledged the quality of your application and overall they noted the strength of your service offering, commenting that HideAway Haven appears to be very well run business.

Your application was very well received and you should be proud of your efforts and for making it through to the WA Regional Small Business Awards and being one of the top four home based businesses across regional WA!

The fact that you made it through as a finalist in the most competitive category is definitely a credit to you! Though it was your first time, I’m sure it won’t be your last!