A Paradise for Lovers of Fortified Wines

Chateau Dorrien was our last stop ater 2 days of wine tasting in the Barrossa Valley.  What a stunning aray of wines, meads and fortified wines.  What started as 'let's just try a couple'to us tasting the whole range.  Then we couldn't leave without buying a dozen mixed bottles.  

We will now serve these unusual and delicious ports and meads to the guests in out new Bush Land Executive Suite.  From White Fort and Chocolatino Port to Spicy, Scarlet and Quandong Mead we will surprise you.  Perfect with chocolate.
















 Chateau Dorrien offers an experience not to be missed. Walk thru an almost 100 years old building which still has original concrete wine vats in tact, the concrete vates, Craft section and Heritage Gallery. A local Barossa Valley artist has lovingly painted the Settlement of the Barossa Valley and the winemaking technique from 100 years ago to the present day on seven vats in mural form.
















We had so much fun with Monica, that we stayed well past their closing time.  Thanks Monica....we had a great time and have just placed another order of your amazing Meads and Ports.


By the way you can their wines, ports and meads online :-)