Cheese, Cheese and more Cheese = Fondue

While in The Netherlands visiting my cousin Gert and his wife Kristen, we visited the 2nd best cheese shop in the country.  Wow how does someone make a choice?  There was

•New > matured for 4 weeks
•Semi-matured > matured for 8 weeks
•Matured >  matured for 4 months
•Extra matured > matured for 7 months
•Fully mature cheese > matured for 10 months
•Very aged > matured for 1 year or longer

•Gouda cheese  
•Edam cheese  
•Leiden cheese 
•Cumin cheese; .
•Dutch cheese with holes
•Frisian clove cheese  
•Herb cheese  
•Goat’s and sheep’s cheese
•Smoked cheese

We bought a bag of 6 different cheeses and Gert prepared a beautiful cheese fondue for dinner fondue.  Maybe a hit with our guests?  Yummy!!