HideAway Hostesses in Fremantle

We spent a night in Fremantle last week.  We stay at the Platinum Suites, which overlooked the Fremantle Marina.  On our arrival we were warmly welcomed by Vicki, who admitted she was nervous having luxury accommodation providers staying with her.  Platinum Suites is conventiently located on South Street and has all the conveniences necessary for a corporate stay.

We went to The Red Herring for dinner. Set over the glistening waters of the Swan River, the exquisitely designed surrounds exude style, elegance and magnificence.  The night lights reflected on the water and we could watch the boats come and go.

We had a very friendly, helpful waiter who was able to recommend dishes and wine.  

It was nice to get away and spend some time together and have others wait on us instead.





We enjoyed Beer Battered Fresh Bronze Whaler Fillets,

Risotto Milanese –sauteed wild mushrooms and saffrom acidulated butter

Grilled Garlic Prawns