Fresh Flowers lower levels of anxiety and depression


Fresh flowers are one of the best ways to brighten up anyone's day. From a simple bouquet to an ornate, elaborate arrangement, fresh flowers have many benefits, from providing a mental health boost to boasting positive physical components. Flowers bring about positive, happy emotions and a general sense of well-being about life. These feelings extend beyond what most people normally deem as an acceptable reaction to the presence of flowers. Flowers have healing properties. For example, roses are used extensively in the alternative medicine area for their ability to ease digestive issues and promote healing in the liver. Fresh flowers also have an impact on your mental health. Studies have shown that people have lower levels of anxiety and depression upon viewing fresh flowers, particularly in the morning. The study further shows that those women who keep fresh flowers in their homes regularly feel happier and much less anxious. 

After visiting The Netherlands, I imagine that most women feel happier and less anxious that us Aussies, that there is much lower levels of anxiety and depression J.  The Netherlands showcase their flowers beautifully and the markets are full of colour. If we could purchase these flowers and at these prices, HideAway Haven rooms would be full of fresh flowers every day.