Special Needs Budgie Finds a New Home @ HideAway Haven

'Bobby' is the newest member of our HideAway Haven family.  We went to the pet shop yesterday and there was this little blue budgie racing back and forth in his cage.  He ran over, under and through the other birds in the cage.  He squarked and squealed every time another budgie got in his way.  We laughed and laughed so hard and decision was made. This little budgie with ADHD was just what Becki needed to fill her days off from her job as Education Assistant for Special Needs. This little fiesty budgie with attitude and character would fit right in with the HideAway family.  We picked out a cage fit for his character and took him home.  The cats are sitting in front of the window staring at this newest toy and can't wait to come inside for a play.

The cage needed to be flat packed to fit in the car.  'Bobby' was put in a small carry box.  He was making so much noise, we put him on the computer desk.  Cage put together, toys in place, food ready but where was 'Bobby'?  He had squarked and fluttered so much he had worked his box down into the waste paper basket, upside down!!