Birthday Lunch @ Pepper & Salt Restaurant in Denmark

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Pepper & Salt Restaurant was the perfect place to celebrate Becki's Birthday yesterday. Surrounded by beautfiul gardens and vineyards, we enjoyed a relaxing lunch with a nice bottle of Matlida's Rose.  The service was outstanding during the entire meal.  Visits from Chef Silas were appreciated and enjoyed.  The food was delicious and the presentation meticulous. We loved the origin of the name of the restaurant and the pepper and salt grinder on the table.  Chef Silas is Mr Pepper and his wife Ange is Mrs Salt. 

The Pepper & Salt Regional Producers Platter and Blue Manna Crab Wontons,Scotsdale Marron in a Shitake and Bacon Hock Broth were mouth-watering scrumptious.







 After lunch we spent time chatting to Silas about the possibility of offering some Master Chef Classes or private dinner parties at HideAway Haven.  Another package coming up.  Watch out for further details coming soon.

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