Girls GetAway @ HideAway

HideAway Haven ~ Luxury Accommodation in Albany


Females are complicated creatures


Our thoughts go a million miles per hour, our hormones are volatile, our emotions are always betraying us, and our ‘to do’ lists are never ending. Men have a tough time trying to understand us… gee, we have a hard enough time understanding ourselves.  

There are so many reasons why girls need to have at least one close girl friend.  A good girl friend really listens to everything you have to say, are unfailing at lifting you up, supporting you, telling you, “you can do it!”, and validating your feelings. 

As hostesses at HideAway Haven, we believe that girlfriends need to share, play, enjoy. Share some laughter, play in the kitchen and enjoy each other’s company.   

We offer the ultimate package with some serious pampering while indulging in some of life’s luxuries and enjoying some old fashioned girlie time. 

Escape, indulge and relax with your best girlfriends with our special two night package, which includes a relaxed and customised photo shoot as a memento of this special weekend.


HideAway Haven ~ Luxury Accommodation in Albany