Six things to look for when Organising Corporate Accommodation


Summary: this article examines six of the mains things you should look for in accommodation when organising corporate trips. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an employer or an employee organising corporate accommodation, it’s essential that you select something that is suitable. You need to consider things like location, travel efficiency, accommodation facilities and price. 

So, whether you’re looking for corporate accommodation in Albany, serviced apartments in Brisbane, or apartments in Sydney, or accommodation in any of Australia’s other main central business areas, what we shall cover below are 6 essential things you need to look for when deciding on appropriate corporate accommodation.

 1. Corporate Accommodation That’s Centralised 

When looking at accommodation for corporate travel, make sure that it’s located near to where employees will be working and near some local restaurants. 

Having accommodation that is centrally located will help cut down on travel time to and from places and it will be less stressful on those who are travelling in a foreign city and are not familiar with the roads. 

2. Sleep-Friendly Amenities and Policies 

Everyone knows that you work more efficiently and effectively when you have had a goodnight sleep. That’s why it is always good to find accommodation that has sleep-friendly amenities and policies that are tailored to corporate guests. 

A number of sleep amenities often provided for corporate guests include: comfortable beds and bedding, ear plugs and eye covers, blackout curtains and a range of soft pillow types for weary necks and backs. Some hotels also have strict policies in place, such as childfree floors and areas with noise restrictions. 

Another way you can ensure you book a quiet apartment is by booking a room that is not situated next to a lift and has sound proofed rooms. 

3. WIFI and Computer Access 

Having WIFI connection and computer access in the apartment can be really useful for communicating with colleagues across states and within the local area. Also, any documents that need to be hastily checked over before the next working day can easily be worked on and sent by email between employees.

 Having an extra computer can also be great for those who don’t wish to bring their own personal computer, or as a back up if anything does go wrong. 

When looking into computer access and WIFI connectivity, make sure you ask accommodation staff about costs, as some places charge for the privilege. 

4. Spacious Living 

It’s also good to look into corporate accommodation that’s has a spacious area to live and sleep in. Employees don’t want to feel like they’re living in a shoebox. 

Make sure apartments have ample desks and chairs, so that work and daily activities can be done comfortably and efficiently. Also, open areas with comfortable living rooms can also help employees relax after a busy working day and to not feel cooped up. 

5. Fully Serviced or Fully Equipped Apartments 

You also want to make sure apartments have a majority of the conveniences employees would have back at home. Many fully serviced apartments have daily cleaning and laundry services, as well as in-house restaurants and meal services, like continental breakfasts. This can help over-worked employees relax and cope with everyday living.

 However, some employees prefer to cook and clean for themselves at their own leisure. As such, consider looking at apartments that are fully equipped with their own laundry and kitchen facilities. 

6. Comparing Price and Getting Value for Money 

When organising corporate accommodation, shop around and ensure that you’re getting good quality accommodation for a reasonable price. Its important that employers create a good impression and look after their employees and finding respectable accommodation is one way you can do this. 

If multiple employees are needed to go on the business trip, also see if you can get a package deal or receive a discount for multiple bookings.

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