HideAway Haven unleashes their inner foodie

Foodies are defined as someone who:

  • ·         Has a refined or ardent interest in food
  • ·         Has an enthusiastic interest in the preparation, cooking and eating  good food

When preparing to eat, a foodie makes sure it’s something they really want to eat. It’s usually high-quality, fresh and local food. It’s varied and they are interested in exploring the wonderful world of food.

When eating a foodie savours their food, they enjoy the taste and the food has their attention.  Being a foodie means being a bit fussy with food, not settling for second best.

At HideAway Haven we only use the freshest ingredients, bought from local producers wherever possible and we prepare each breakfast dish with an infusion of passion and creativity.


Baked Egg Croissant with Strawberry Jam ~ A twist on a classic French Breakfast

 HideAway Haven, Luxury Accommodation in Albany is the perfect place for the Corporate or Business Traveller, Romantic Retreats, Honeymoons, Weekend Escapes, Couple Pamper Weekends, Babymoons, Girls GetAways and Foodies.