A Beautiful Day in Albany

HideAway Haven ~ Luxury Accommodation in Albany

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HideAway Haven ~ Luxury Accommodation in Albany


It was a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and a gentle breeze.  It is only an hours walk to Emu Point.  We had lunch at the Emu Point Cafe.  We were so happy to see Emu Point alive and buzzing.  How fantastic that we finally have a place at Emu Point that is open and serves fantastic food.  A cafe with million dollar views.  The smell of coffee as I walk past there once a week is wonderful.











On our way home we were awestruck by the Western Australian Christmas Tree.  Nuytsia floribunda is well known in Southwest Australia, where it is named the Christmas tree, the common name outside of this region is Western Australian Christmas tree. The appearance of abundant flowers in summer is a spectacular display especially with the backdrop of our blue skies.











  We passed a Horse Farm and were welcomed by some gorgeous friendly horses.  You won’t experience any of of this in any other location. 

While staying at HideAway Haven, take the time to walk to Emu Point, enjoy their lunch (if you can eat after our breakfast).  Peace and tranquility, water, waves and sand, sunshine and warmth awaits you

HideAway Haven ~ Luxury Accommodation in Albany