Spend an Afternoon in the Jacuzzi

















We thought the ultimate luxury was a Jacuzzi under the open skies and under a trillion stars.  Tonight the Haven stays empty so we treated ourselves to 5 o'clock wine time in the Jacuzzi.  This is the time when the birds come out to feed and play.

We were delighted to observe two devoted and very affectionate doves. One bird of the pair was sitting in a tree branch right above us and called out for its mate with a two-note call.  They were reunited and he greeted her  with very low, raspy coos. We watched as they cuddled with each other and exchanged very rapid light pecks around the neck and head while slightly shaking their wings. 

We watched the Finches, Parrots and Rosellas play in the trees and eating seeds.

The Jacuzzi has panoramic views of farmland, Emu Point and the Kalgan River. So spend the afternoon in the Jacuzzi and languish in peace and tranquility