Albany in One Day

Only have 1 day in the Albany Region – don’t miss this.

Thank you Steve K Photography for the cover photo of Middleton Beach sunrise

After your hearty breakfast at HideAway Haven head down Lower King Road till you see the sign Two Peoples Bay.  This area is a beautiful National Park. The Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve is home to two endangered creatures that are all but extinct everywhere else - the Noisy Scrub Bird and the Gilbert's Potaroo. As you near the end of the road turn right at the Little Beach sign.  Little Beach was voted #5 of AUSTRALIA`S TOP SECRET SPOTS. Little Beach is the most picturesque perfect, magical beach in Western Australia.  With a combination of white sand, azure water, granite headlands & greenery, it easily surpasses some of the famous beaches around the world. Climb over the rocks and you will find Waterfall Beach.  If you can drag yourself away head down to Two Peoples Bay.. there is a beautiful beach walk to Betty’s Beach or a hike through the park that will take you back to Little Beach. 

Two Peoples Bay Judy Walker.jpg

Thank you Judy Walker Photography

Drive back down Lower King Road to turn right into Mercer Road, left into Chester Pass Road till the roundabout and then follow the signs to Frenchman Bay. Turn into Princess Road and visit the Windmill Farm and enjoy a hike down a flight of stairs to Sandpatch and take a short hike along the Bibbulum Track. 

Next is the Natural Bridge and The Gap.  Stunning Views of the coastline, but please remember our coastline is treacherous so stay on the paths and obey the signs. 


Thank you Jenelle Smith Photography

Back to Frenchman Bay Road then turn into the Blowholes Road.  A short hike takes you to the blowholes.  When they are blowing it is an amazing experience. 

Next stop is Jimmy Newhills Harbour. Jimmy Newells Harbour is a beautiful natural harbour in the Torndirrup National Park. It provides a protected calm area which is ideal for swimming. It is also a wonderful spot to try out beach fishing. Relax and soak up the views. 

A must visit to Stony Hill is next.  There is a short walk (approx. 15 mins) and then a longer hike (allow a couple of hours). 

Thank you Leon Brooks

Thank you Leon Brooks

Thank you Yvonne Bloemendaal

Thank you Yvonne Bloemendaal

At the end of the road you will find Whale World  Whaling was a huge industry of the town for many years but in 1978 Albany's whaling station ceased its operations. Step back in time and take a journey through Whale World, the site of the last operating whaling station in Australia. Wander through Discovery Bay (work in progress) and visit with some cute Aussie native animals such as koalas, kangaroos and the wombat.

Whale World - Thank you Amanda Jolly Photography

Whale World - Thank you Amanda Jolly Photography

Head back to the City Centre  - and experience Albany Anzac history on Mount Clarence and Mount Adelaide.  Albany is home to the Anzac Dawn service, Anzac Day and the last image so many Australian soldiers had of their homeland.

The Old Forts in Albany are an historical landmark; originally built in the late 1800′s they formed the first federal defence of Australia. It’s amazing to walk around and explore these old defences nestled in amongst the large boulders above Mt Clarence.

Mount Clarence offers a 360 degree across the town, Middleton Beach, King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbour and is the site of Desert Mounted Corps Memorial.

Take a drive to Middleton Beach and walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the amazing views of our coastline.  Find the memorial to Ataturk  (A bronze statue of Mustafa Kemal Pasha 'Ataturk', the founder of the Turkish Republic and its first President standing atop a limestone dome representing a globe. Dressed in a suit (European attire), he clutches in his right hand the poignant speech he delivered to the first Australians, New Zealanders and British to visit the Gallipoli battlefields in 1934. Written across the dome is his motto "Peace at Home, Peace in the World").  Explore the ruins of the Sharp Point Light House. In the distance is the wreck of Cheynes II

Sharp Point Lighthouse - you might be lucky to see some seals sunning themselves on the rocks.

Sharp Point Lighthouse - you might be lucky to see some seals sunning themselves on the rocks.

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