Thank you VBI Photography and Albany Region for this photo of The Anzac Peace Park

The  Albany Region  

is rich in cultural diversity, with a history seeped in the Aboriginal dream time and the pioneering spirit of our early settlers. Remnants of adventurous early settlers can be experienced in our local museum, art studios and attractions of cultural and historic significance such as the whaling station, the forts, Mount Clarence and more

The Amity

No visit to Albany is complete without exploring ‘The Brig Amity’ a replica of the original Amity which arrived in Princess Royal Harbour on Christmas Day in 1826 with Major Edmund Lockyer and 45 passengers. The site of the replica is only a few hundred metres from the original landing place. It is possible to climb around downstairs and experience the close quarters the voyagers experienced.

The Sign on the Amity:

"This is a full size replica of the Brig Amity, the ship which carried the party which established the first British settlement in Western Australia. This party, under the command of Major Edmund Lockyer, landed near this spot on December 26th 1826.

The original Amity was completed in New Brunswick, Canada in 1816. After some years as a trader she sailed to Hobart and in 1824 was bought by the colonial government in Sydney to assist in supply and exploration. She was important in the establishment of settlements at Moreton Bay, Queensland and King George Sound, Western Australia. The Amity was wrecked of Flinders Island on June 18th, 1845."

Whale World

As soon as you enter Whale World heritage precinct, you step back in time.  Whale World is the site of the last operating whaling station in Australia. Take a guided tour and experience a re-enactment of the whaler’s activities on the deck and in the factory.

Mount Clarence 

'The Desert Mounted Corps Memorial' (which can be seen from The HideAway Haven deck) is a 9-metre bronze statue of an Australian mounted soldier assisting a New Zealand soldier whose horse has been wounded.

This memorial was funded by the Australian Government and erected in Port Said in 1932 and inscribed with names of the members of The Australian Light Horse Brigade, New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade and The Imperial Camel Corps, all who died between 1916 and 1918.  A copy of the statue was made and erected on Mount Clarence in 1964 as the original was damaged in anti-British riots in 1956.

This is also the site of Albany's Anzac Dawn Service on April 25 every year. A series of stairs...need to take a break once in a while...takes you to the top of Mount Clarence where the views of Albany are just spectacular.

Thank you  VBI Photography  and Albany Region

Thank you VBI Photography and Albany Region

For more information on our ANZAC History and Dates to Remember please visit our blog - Australia's ANZAC Capital

The Desert Mounted Corps Memorial is closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic whilst construction is underway. The Padre White Lookout is still accessible via several walking trails. 

The Forts

The Princess Royal Fortress (The Forts) is Australia’s first federal fortress and has a range of attractions that can keep you busy for hours.  A highlight of this historically significant site is the spectacular panoramic views of King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbour.

Discover how the soldiers kept the enemy out of the port and the many different kinds of artillery used.  Visit the commanding officers house and see the anti-submarine weapon system and torpedo’s used.

There is a HMAS Perth Interpretive Centre, Australian Light Horses Museum and the Australian War Memorial.

The Old Gaol and Museum

Now fully restored, the Gaol is a complex of men’s cell blocks and some warders' quarters, built in 1852 for Imperial convicts shipped to WA as artisans and skilled labourers.

Women’s cells, the Great Hall and more warders' quarters were constructed of brick between 1872 and 1875. At this time the complex was also used as a colonial prison.

The Gaol was last used as a police lockup in the Great Depression of the 1930s. Extensive restoration from 1989 to 1996 returned the Gaol's condition to its original state. Cells, warders' quarters and the Great Hall contain displays pertinent to the times and usage of these stark quarters.

See the displays, read the history ... and perhaps feel a the presence of a ghost or two


is located on the north shore entrance to Princess Royal Harbour and is the second lighthouse built on Western Australia’s coastline. Its history can be traced back to October 1856. The original dwelling comprised of four rooms divided as two on either side of a central passage. One of the rooms included a fireplace and a window looking the entry to the harbour. The largest room, also with a fireplace and two windows in the external walls, was probably the living room. The north-eastern room was a kitchen with a fireplace and oven in the southern wall and a window in the northern wall. The fourth room was smaller and most likely a store. 

Nothing survives of the original wooden light tower which stood in the centre of the southern wall overlooking entry to Princess Royal harbour. Despite its remote location the lighthouse had three resident keepers, some of whom brought up very large families in the tiny dwelling. 

Walk through and imagine living there with your family.  Magic.  You might even see some seals below.

The keepers were: Joseph Nelson 1857 - 1867; Samuel Mitchell 1867 - 1903 and John Reddin 1903 – 1911

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