Beaches in The Albany Region -

 is where the southern Ocean in all its powerful beauty crashes against our stunning coastlines with its dramatic cliffs and rock formations. In coves you will find secluded beaches with squeaky white sand.  Albany features one of the worlds best natural harbours, and here you can enjoy the whales, dolphins and seals

Emu Point

The perfect place to relax, Emu Point consists of a grassy sheltered lawn area ideal for picnics, calm shallow waters to wade in and and clear calm waters for safe swimming. Emu Points beach is also popular for fishing and boating. Emu Point Cafe is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a light lunch and coffee.  They also make awesome burgers.

ALBANY'S popular Emu Point was declared Western Australia’s cleanest beach in 2011

We love watching the fisherman come in with their catch and feed the pelicans.

Thank you Peter Coe Photography - Albany Region

Thank you Peter Coe Photography - Albany Region

Middleton Beach

Middleton Beach was named after Captain Middleton in 1934. Captain Middleton is an ancestor of Kate Middleton now married to Prince William. He brought Governor James Stirling to Western Australia.  It is the main swimming beach for Albany and offers swimming and recreational beach activities. The waters are protected by King George Sound; the Southern Ocean's waves do not usually reach these sheltered waters.

Middleton Beach has a jetty, and in summer a pontoon (a floating construction that can hold many swimmers) is placed in the ocean for delight and fun of swimmers

Ledge Beach to Gull Rock

Gull Rock Beach named of course, because of the large number of Gulls found on the rock just off shore, one of whom Captain Kalgan thinks might have been Jonathan Livingstone! Gull Rock is 26k East of Albany. The walk between Gull Rock and Ledge Beach is stunning and usually very quiet.  Gull Rock is perfect for swimming.

Thank you Sharon Harland - Albany Region

Thank you Sharon Harland - Albany Region

Salmon Holes

Salmon Holes is found in the Torndirrup National Park, along the Frenchman’s Bay Road. The beach is reached by a winding pathway from the lookout, descending to the pretty white beach.

Swimming is permitted at Salmon Holes, though it is unpatrolled. Please Be CAREFUL as there is a strong current and frequent surges and many people have drowned here while fishing off the rocks.

The beach is named after the salmon that come to rest in the bays and is an excellent fishing beach in season...but please BE CAREFUL!

Mistaken Island

No matter how busy Albany is or what time of the year…there is always a quiet beach to be found and enjoyed.  This one of our favourite beaches and we can be found walking along the beach, collecting shells and swimming.

Located in King George Sound the island is located approximately 120 metres from Vancouver peninsula, the beach from Mistaken Island to Goode Beach is one of our favourite Beaches.

Mistaken Island is a small island located approximately 5 kilometres South East of Albany on the way to Camp Quaranup. In 1971, the island was declared as a class 1A Nature Reserve with a total area of 12 hectares. The area adjacent to the island is used to cultivate mussels on long lines which you can see from the beach.  This is also a favourite place for snorkelling, fishing and beach walking.

Whalers Cove

Whalers Cove (also known as Fisheries Beach) is a small but beautiful beach which you can find as you drive along Frenchman’s Bay Road.  Mistaken Island Beach can also be found along this road. The beach is some 300m long and 25m wide, and at the eastern end the sand gives way to rocks.  It is very pleasant to take a clothes-free stroll a short distance along this rocky section. The sand on the beach is white and clean.  The cove is protected from most of the ocean swell, so the waves are usually small and suitable for family swimming.

The water is very clean, clear and cool. There is a seaweed bank some 25m offshore and this, together with the rocks at either end of the beach make for excellent snorkelling.  Small boats sometimes anchor 100m off the beach to fish the weed bank.

The beach has a small steep hill behind it covered by beautiful natural bush.  The hill is also crossed by a track which forms part of the Point Possession Heritage Trail, which is an approx. 6km round trip walk.

Thank you Jordan Cantello - Albany Region

Thank you Jordan Cantello - Albany Region

Mutton Bird Island

Mutton Bird Island

Mutton Bird Island is a favourite fishing spot approx 16km from Albany. Main species that can be caught here are herring, skippy, rock species, whiting, salmon, silverbream, pike, flathead, shark, queen snapper and sampson fish.

Great spot for diving, beach walking, 4WD, paragliding and surfing.  During the salmon season you can watch the fisherman bring in their catch.

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