Sammie Jo's Diary

Our guests love meeting Sammie Jo and Josie.  They get to cuddle her, some feed her but everyone loves her.  Sammie Jo and Josie would have to be the most photographed joey in Australia. A guest today mentioned she would love to see Sammie Jo's progress over the years so could we put some updates on our webpage ans they are not Facebook users. This is her diary. and now Josie has joined her. Please feel free to like and make comments

A visit to see Sammie Jo by Josie

Hello Josie here,

Guess what, I saw Sammie Jo yesterday! Mummy and Joslyn brought me to go see her. Sammie is just as cranky as ever. We had a snack and played in the dirt for awhile

I got to race around with Rocket in the backyard and got some treats from Aunty Pauline.

It was so great to see Sammie again. But you can see she is still very sick. It is so sad to see her looking so skinny and moving so slowly when she used to have big leg muscles and be so quick.

Mummy and my sister brought home the funniest looking thing the other day, I completely forgot to tell you about it.

They call her Phoebe. I heard them say she is a Ring Tail Possum who weighs 400gm. She is a funny looking thing. Really little. She wants to be my friend but I am not so interested at the moment. 

Meeting Phoebe