Sammie Jo's Diary

Our guests love meeting Sammie Jo and Josie.  They get to cuddle her, some feed her but everyone loves her.  Sammie Jo and Josie would have to be the most photographed joey in Australia. A guest today mentioned she would love to see Sammie Jo's progress over the years so could we put some updates on our webpage ans they are not Facebook users. This is her diary. and now Josie has joined her. Please feel free to like and make comments


I am not sure why a full moon affects my behaviour, but I stressed Mummy out yesterday.  I wanted to fight with her like she was a real kangaroo, then I ran away and wouldn't come home when I was called.  Mummy had to walk around in the dark with only the light of the full moon calling me.  I finally came out and then wanted to race back into the bush, but Mummy grabbed my tail and picked me up and carried me all the way back to the house.  

Here I am sprawled out on the office floor contemplating life - do I want to be a wild kangaroo living in the bush under the stars and in the rain, or do I want to live the life of a pampered pet, with bottles, snacks and a warm comfy bed every night...ahhhh decisions!!!!