Sammie Jo's Diary

Our guests love meeting Sammie Jo and Josie.  They get to cuddle her, some feed her but everyone loves her.  Sammie Jo and Josie would have to be the most photographed joey in Australia. A guest today mentioned she would love to see Sammie Jo's progress over the years so could we put some updates on our webpage ans they are not Facebook users. This is her diary. and now Josie has joined her. Please feel free to like and make comments


I had my first swim and shower today.  I went for my usual run this morning and landed in a huge pool of stagnant water. We think it might have been the creek.  I was soaking wet and covered in a green slimy mess from the tips of ears to the tip of my tail.  I didn't want to follow Mummy home because I wanted to clean myself up, but Mummy didn't want me to swallow too much of the green stuff in case I got sick.  So she picked me up and carried me for about 500 metres back home and straight into the shower.  I was shaking and shivering.  I had a nice warm shower and Mummy cleaned me up and herself and I was wrapped into a towel and then a blanket and put into bed to get warm and dry.  I am still a little stinky though.

Yesterday I was inside and and I got spooked.  My safe spot in the house is in front of the oven door because I can see myself in the reflection of the door.  I raced so fast to the door and couldn't stop in time and crashed with my nose into the door.  I got a blood nose and later when I sneezed I got blood all over Mummy.  

I am glad I live here, I am not sure how a kangaroo Mummy could take of me and all my accidents.