Sammie Jo's Diary

Our guests love meeting Sammie Jo and Josie.  They get to cuddle her, some feed her but everyone loves her.  Sammie Jo and Josie would have to be the most photographed joey in Australia. A guest today mentioned she would love to see Sammie Jo's progress over the years so could we put some updates on our webpage ans they are not Facebook users. This is her diary. and now Josie has joined her. Please feel free to like and make comments


This morning Mummy took me down to the fire break for my morning run.  I was extra excited as I had been awake for a while, but locked in the office,  so I raced up the firebreak, turned around and raced the other way. Mummy couldn't catch up to me (I sometimes forget she is not a kangaroo) or see me any-more and I was having far to much fun to go find her.  She went back home and told me she would give me 15 mins and then come back.  She only lasted 8 mins (insert cheeky grin here) and came out to look for me, but I was already in the backyard.